Beauty in a Dark Place

This work explores areas of Hastings, seeing beauty in places, which are often not given a second look.
Places that may be considered dangerous, places where we don’t generally go.
Like the dark places in our mind, where are thoughts can cast dark shadows over what should be bright.
Obscuring, preventing us from seeing clearly ahead.

I have always been drawn to structures both natural and manmade and the relationships nature has on the landscape as well as its relationship with the marks man makes on the landscape.
With this work I see these places as portraits of the human condition, of our vulnerabilities, our private inner selves that are seldom if at all seen by the outside world.

Part of the intent of this project was to allow me to reconnect with who I was as an artist, I had spent many years trying to be this and that, I had lost contact with myself as both a person and artist.
Through the process of re-connecting with who I was as an artist, I found out more about me as a person.

The darkness I am drawn to, the melancholy, the empty isolation, captured in the images represent, the dark place and the isolation we can hold in our mind.

The work is whenever possibly devoid of people, to reflect the way we can often feel about ourselves, when in our dark place.

This project is intended to stimulate thought, inside the viewer, to allow their imagination to engage with the work, for it to be just about them and no-one else, there is no desire to force my narrative onto the viewer, it is my hope that they will bring their own narrative to the work, and own it.

©Rob Wyllie 2009-2018